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Welcome to the world of WEED VR. Yep, that's right... WEED VR!

  Fasten your headset, grasp your hand controllers and explore our curated collection of highly detailed virtual buds. browse, touch, inspect, select, grind, roll, even place an order with your favorite retailer. Hang out in the lounge and sample your selection.  We'll even roll it for you.

How about we teleport you to the couch now? ... Yeah, you heard right... teleport.

Immerse yourself in our intimate virtual dispensary space. No lineups, no hassles, with the freedom to browse at your leisure. 

We provide a custom service for licensed producers by creating realistic 3D representations of your products. Contact us today to reserve your virtual shelf space or request a demo.  

Coming soon to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.



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